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Create a group, link your brokerage account, and compete with friends to see who invests the best. Ficus is an investment platform that makes buying stocks fun, competitive, and social.

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Ficus is open source investing

trasparent trading makes everyone a better investor

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Transparent Investing

Compete with your friends on the leaderboard based on your investing performance. See what your group owns and what they are trading. Your account balances and number of shares are always kept private.

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Never traded before? Start with $10k of play money and when your ready, invest for real. Ficus is great for new investors.


Ficus is gamified investing. Join a group of friends or create your own team. Competing makes investing fun.


Trade with ease from anywhere. Ficus places trades using your linked brokerage account. Trades are processed instantly from your iPhone or Android device.

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